NAMIRG Project

Visit at the Helsinki City Rescue Department

Wednesday 20 March 2019

The visit to the Helsinki City Rescue Department and the various structures of the Finnish Border Guard dedicated to SAR activities follows the previous visit to the Rotterdam Safety Region.

Also in this case the Namirg italian group have seen how the Finnish fire service is structured in its entirety and specifically of the MIRG team, to which one of the various stations in the metropolitan area is dedicated.
The fire brigade, like the police and the emergency room, use Finnish Border Guard helicopters to carry out interventions, both at sea and for all other needs that may arise, an example of rationalization of available resources, in order to break down expenses, based on the assumption of constant and effective collaboration between the various authorities involved. It also applies to vessels that have been designed to be multitasking and can be used, obviously in harsh environmental conditions, but also to cope with all possible types of intervention. In this regard, we had the opportunity to visit the M / V Turva, a ship of almost 100 meters in length, which constantly patrols the Baltic Sea. The choice to train firefighters as paramedics, dividing their shift in the two specializations, is always part of the optimization of available resources.
The choice to train all HCRD officers (over 20) such as MIRG Team Leader is excellent, allows to have always one officer available, given the complexity of managing an intervention at sea.