NAMIRG Project

The Project

Main Activities

Partners will start their work with a state-of-the-art analysis, studying the existing protocols, contracts and procedures among the three countries as well as the existing materials. Furthermore, transnational agreements and contracts will have to be defined, to coordinate the use of helicopters and vessels and ensure an efficient firefighting service for on-board incidents, as resources will have to be made available by the three countries involved.

A study group will be established to deliver guidelines and manuals for personnel training and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Moreover, guidelines for officers, control-room operators and guidelines for materials and equipment will also be provided.

The group will be formed by involving 9 staff members per beneficiary, whose training will be focused on MIRG theoretic and practical training. At the end of the study, experts will assess the group. Finally, the NAMIRG trained staff will be prepared for emergency interventions and an exercise at sea will be organised. This way, both staff and equipment will be tested and problems will be examined. If possible, solutions will be defined and tested on the spot.