NAMIRG Project

HOT FIRE-Training course LAST PHASE

Monday 19 November 2018

On the 14th and 15th of November the last phase of the Hot Fire course took place at the Training and Protection Center of the Republic of Slovenia (Izobrazevalni Center za Zascito in Reservanje RS) of IG, near Ljubljana.

The training sessions saw the participation of the NAMIRG team, engaged in a series of simulations specially designed to reproduce, as far as possible, the ship environment. The purpose of these trainings was to use fire control techniques in a compartment, also testing the communications system, especially those of the command line, the nodal point of any rescue intervention, but even more important on of a ship and with an international team.

The satisfaction shown by all the participants in this first course of the NAMIRG team, despite the considerable physical effort, in addition to being a positive sign, led to the evaluation of an increase in training activity, in order to refine operational procedures and automatisms.